Oakville Organic Market


Every Saturday during harvest season, the Farmers’ Market features a fabulous assortment of foods from local, sustainable farmers. Much more than just a farmers’ market, this is a sustainable market that recognizes the needs of the community and the farmers from the grass roots on up. Families make their weekly trek from surrounding neighbourhoods and beyond, seeking to meet the sustainable growers and producers and purchase the food and crafts produced by people who care.

The ethics, policies, rules and regulations of the Organic Farmers’ Market were created with the help of ecological farmers and aim to assist the farmers’ by making this a viable place to sell on a level playing field without unfair competition and rules that allow them to help neighbouring farms who might lack the resources to bring their own product to market. (30% from other farms). Recognized for its “best practices” by the Ecological Farmers’ Association of Ontario [ www.efao.ca ] and the Toronto Farmers’ Market Network [ www.tfmn.ca ], OSFP’s market model template is sought after by others who are looking to create a more sustainable food system in their community.

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