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Getting Even the Most Picky Eaters to Enjoy Vegetables

Learn To Like Fruits And Veggies And Teach Your Children Too

Learn To Like Fruits And Veggies And Teach Your Children Too

If you were a picky eater as a kid, chances are you grew into a picky eater as an adult. If you were one of those lucky kids whose parents didn’t make you finish your vegetables before you could get up from the table, it has done you a lot more harm than good. The older you get, the harder it will be to convince you to enjoy a food that you think you won’t like. There are thousands of adults who don’t eat nearly enough vegetables, and their bodies will eventually start to pay them back for the lack of nutrients that they aren’t receiving. If you want to avoid being one of these people, try these simple ways to get even the pickiest eaters to enjoy vegetables.

Kick the Can

A lot of kids grow up hating vegetables because their parents fed them canned veggies, which are often bitter and packed with sodium. If you hated those canned vegetables, don’t feel bad, a lot of other kids did, too. There are several differences between canned vegetables and their green, leafy stuff you find on the produce aisle. Some raw vegetables end up being a lot less bitter than their canned counterparts.

If raw veggies seems like it’s too advanced for you, you can also try roasting them. Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sweetness without cooking out all of the nutrients inside of them. Roasting vegetables is simple and easy. Just sprinkle a little bit of olive oil the vegetable of your choosing (you can also add seasoning), pop it in the oven, and eat. Try buying various vegetables to see what you like.

Blend It Up (Juicing Works, Too)

Hard To Eat Them? Drink Them

Hard To Eat Them? Drink Them

Another way to enjoy your vegetables is to drink them. Juicing and smoothies are extremely popular for those of us who can’t stand the taste of vegetables. Some argue that juicing often extracts many of the minerals and nutrients of of vegetables that the body needs, but most agree that juicing is better than nothing. Experiment with different smoothies and juice drinks by adding fruit. The natural sweetness from the fruit will often overpower the sometimes bitter taste of some vegetables. Try adding pineapple and strawberries to spinach or kale. Both spinach and kale are mild and a lot easier to eat than some of the stronger vegetables.

Make sure that you are using a blender or juicer that can handle the types of veggies you are putting in them. Often times they can, and will break, when they aren’t decided to handle vegetables.

A Dash of the Sweet Stuff

When you’ve run out of options, you can trick your taste buds into enjoying vegetables by sweetening them. This is a method that you want to use sparingly as eating too much sugar is counterproductive to the vegetables that you are eating. To sweeten up your vegetables, try adding brown sugar to things like string beans and peas. The sweetness of the brown sugar helps to cut the bitter, tangy flavor and makes them a lot more enjoyable for people who have like sweet things. Remember not to go overboard with this. Use just enough sugar to make eating the vegetables tolerable for you.

Add Some Brown Sugar To Your Vegetables

Add Some Brown Sugar To Your Vegetables

Learning to like vegetables can sometimes be a difficult for some of us. Like with most things, it will take time. There will be some vegetables that you hate no matter what you do. But there will others that you discover you actually enjoy. The only way to find out what you like is by testing different vegetables, and doing it often. Search online for recipes for picky eaters. There are a lot more of you than you think. Don’t be afraid to visit forums or chat rooms to get opinions from other people who hate (or once hated) vegetables just like you. You will often learn a lot of tips and tricks to convince your taste buds that vegetables are good (and they are).

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How to Handle Your Girlfriend’s Social Media Addiction

A Social Media Addictive Woman  Is Not Attractive

A Social Media Addictive Woman Is Not Attractive

One of the toughest things that a private person can do is try to date a woman with a social media addiction. You think that you’re taking her for a romantic dinner, just the two of you, but by the time you drive her home pictures of herself getting ready, the meal that you ate, and your clasped hands as you walked on the beach afterwards are already up online where people can see and talk about them. This is really uncomfortable, but a lot of women don’t see the harm. If you’re trying to date someone who can’t seem to keep her thoughts to herself and off of your friend’s newsfeeds you’re going through a pretty tough challenge at the moment. Here are some things that you can do that will help keep you safe from social media‘s prying eyes.

Ask That She Limit Personal Info

You can’t expect her to change if you won’t even tell her that it bothers you. If you’d like to see more of your private moments stay private the first step is having a serious talk with her. Tell her that you feel like things are less special once she puts them online and you want every second together to be special. In a perfect world, people could only find out what you were up to with her by asking either of you directly. You want to keep your private affairs, well, private.

Vent Back If She Does

It Might Be Pay Back Time

It Might Be Pay Back Time

Of course, not all your problems with social media are just because you’re shy. If she likes to go on there and post vague reports about your relationship you should remember that turnabout is fair play. Is she can get all of her friends up in arms over some very difficult to parse complaint about you, you can do the same about her. She’ll quickly learn that it’s a lot less fun to be talked about than it is to be talking to people about someone else.

Offer to Go off It Together

Offer Your Help An Support... Now Is Up To Her To Take It

Offer Your Help An Support… Now Is Up To Her To Take It

If you think that your girlfriend really is addicted to social media you might have to take extreme action with her. You can offer to go on a social media fast and see how you feel about your life once you do. Take the pledge together to spend slowly increasing amounts of time offline. Start out at one day, move up to a week, and then see if you two can go for a whole month. Of course, if you need to monitor your Facebook for job postings and the like you can arrange a semi-fast, where you can only go on when you’re both together for a short amount of time.

There Are Apps That Will Block or Monitor It

Block  The Computer And Go Do Something Else Together

Block The Computer And Go Do Something Else Together

If the two of you are crazy committed to this idea, you can install programs on your computer that will block the sites that you tell it to block for as long as you’d like them blocked. This means that you can set it to not let you into Twitter for 72 hours and then there’s nothing that you can do to access your accounts or the site in general. Some programs can’t even be beaten by setting the clock on your computer ahead, or turning your machine off and on again.

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4 Seasonal Budget Tips

Live On A Budget

Live On A Budget

Figuring out how to save your money and keep your budget solvent isn’t something you do just once or twice throughout the year; it’s a round-the-clock endeavor, and you should think of it as one. Avoid letting yourself become complacent in your financial habits by recognizing that you can be frugal in different ways throughout the year. Develop good habits and practices that will ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money. Think about it: is your budget the exact same in the spring as it is in the autumn? If you’ve never considered the advantages to thinking about your budget seasonally, it might help if you consider some of the ways you can save money at various points throughout the year. Your habits should change with the seasons in order to keep your bank balance steady throughout the year.

Take Your Vacations in the Off Season

Save Money By Going On Vacation During  The Off Season

Save Money By Going On Vacation During The Off Season

Summer vacations are great, but that’s also the same time everyone else is traveling, too. If you’re planning a trip for spring break, summer, or around the holidays, you should probably reconsider if you’re going to attempt to do it on a budget. Traveling "in season" means higher rates at every hotel, higher gas prices on the road, crowded restaurants, and more opportunities for you to lose money to businesses preying on seasonal tourists. Instead of trying to plan your trips around major holidays, instead look to take vacations when others typically do not, such as in the middle of September or February. By carefully planning your trips, you’ll be able to get cheaper airfare, find hotels with better rooms at more affordable rates, and save on a whole host of expenses. As a bonus, you won’t have to deal with as many overwhelming crowds in your favorite vacation spots, either!

Use Seasonal Foods for a Healthy, Frugal Diet

Buy Local

Buy Local

Cooking foods that are in season isn’t something done only by trendy restaurants and well-groomed television chefs. Take a trip down to your local farmers market when it’s open and investigate all of the produce that’s on sale there. Chances are, it’s much cheaper than what you’re buying at the grocery store, and it’s going to be fresher and taste better, too. The produce that’s being offered at your farmer’s market will change as the year does, and you should consider structuring your meals around what’s cheap and readily available at the market. You’ll find that your food costs decline rapidly, and you’re able to create healthier, tastier meals with the vegetables and other items you can buy from local growers.

Beat the Heat and High Cooling Costs in the Summer

The temptation to head over to the thermostat and punch the temperature down can be overwhelming if you’ve ever experienced sweating inside of your own home. The summer months can be brutal, but that doesn’t mean that your utility bills should be brutal on your bank account. Instead of keeping the house chilly during the summer, find a comfortable temperature level that doesn’t require the machine to switch on to cool the building frequently. This means you don’t have to keep the thermostat set to 85 degrees, but you also shouldn’t be punching it down to 65, either. Consider investing in an oscillating fan for your bedroom to blow cool air over you as your sleep, or place several box fans in open windows on opposite sides of your house to get a strong breeze moving continuously through home.

Stay Warm and On Budget in the Winter

Find Cheap Ways To Survive The Summer Hit (Or Winter Cold)

Find Cheap Ways To Survive The Summer Hit (Or Winter Cold)

Just like in the summer, it can be very tempting to run up your utility bill in the winter in order to keep your temperature comfortable. Instead of running the heat at full blast, though, consider your options for staying warm on the cheap. Buy thick socks and keep blankets around the house that you can always climb under. Better yet, consider buying a large electric blanket with multiple heat settings which you can keep plugged in, so there’s always a nice warm place to head towards. You can even use one of these on your bed, but make sure you switch it off before falling asleep as a safety precaution. Keep inexpensive chemical hand warmers in your pockets if your hands get extra chilly. There are plenty of other ways you can escape the chill on the cheap, too!

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3 Behaviors That Will Lower Employee Morale

 Boost Employee Morale

Boost Employee Morale

Inspiring employees is an important part of being a good boss. The more enthusiastic your employees are about their work, the more productive they’re going to be. This also goes for the quality of work, since whenever an employee is invested in what they’re doing, they care about the outcome. Overall, anything you can do to improve employee morale will only benefit your company in the long run. However, you also have to watch out for doing the opposite, which is lowering employee morale with the wrong approach. The common thread when it comes to criticism and rewards at work is that human beings thrive off of being appreciated. If your actions and policies show that your employees are unimportant, then you’ll see the result in bad attitudes, low quality work, and poor output. Here are three behaviors that all managers should avoid.

Coworker Antics That Go Unaddressed

Don't Antagonize Your Employees.. It Will Backfire

Don’t Antagonize Your Employees.. It Will Backfire

Employees who cause disturbances and problems need to be addressed. The problem with allowing a rowdy presence to go unchecked is that it demoralizes all their coworkers. For example, if someone is constantly showing up late but never gets in trouble, then all of your other employees will think that you’re showing favoritism. This in turn demoralizes their efforts to come to work on time, and will result in one of two outcomes. The first is that they start to resent you and their rule-breaking coworker. The other is that they also start to approach timeliness with a lazy attitude, and begin showing up late, too. If you criticize one employee, but never addressed the lateness of another, you’re going to have a major staff morale problem on your hands. The best way to approach problem employees is to address the issue quickly, professionally, and by the book. The employee handbook and rules are there for a reason, and you should use it to your advantage. You don’t have to approach the offending employee scathingly, since perhaps there’s a reason they’re coming in late, but you need to address the issue immediately.

Longer Hours Without Reward

Overworked Employees Tend To Suffer From Burnout Syndrome

Overworked Employees Tend To Suffer From Burnout Syndrome

Making employees work longer hours without any incentive or reward is a huge source of low morale. Free time is something that’s highly prized, as well as predictability. Workers plan their lives around work schedules, so you don’t want to interrupt their routine or plans. It can mean the difference between going to a job that’s enjoyed and doing slave labor. An employee needs to feel like their work is valued, and that means you should set hours as consistently as possible. If you need employees to work longer hours, explain why. You should also ask, rather than tell, while still making clear that it’s mandatory. Don’t expect someone working for you to simply keep their mouth shut and happily nod along. Even if you have yes men working for you, rest assured that if the complaint doesn’t come out of their mouth, it will come out in their work. This is an even worse scenario than insubordination, so handle the necessity of longer hours with tact and professionalism. It also helps your case if you make clear that the hours also effect you, so that it puts you on the same level, even if you’re a manager.

Unreasonable Deadlines

Don't Rush Them Unless It Is Completely Necessary

Don’t Rush Them Unless It Is Completely Necessary

Putting restricting deadlines on employees is a hazardous practice that should only be used when absolutely necessary. If you need something done faster than you first stated, explain why. You don’t need to answer to your subordinates, but allowing them to get onboard with the situation you find yourself in will make them feel valued. When you stress employees out by being unpredictable, it makes them disengage with any investment they have in a project. It’s also frustrating for someone working under a deadline, to then have the rug pulled out from under them unexpectedly. Working within confined, spelled out timeframes is something that allows employees to maximize their efficiency. By inspiring frustration and insecurity with unreasonable deadlines, you’re sure to notice a decrease in enthusiasm and overall morale amongst your employees. There is something to be said for leveling with people, because it makes them feel like they’re part of a team. If you simply spring a new expectation on someone that’s not only unexpected, but also extremely demanding, they’re going to check out eventually. Too much stress without explanation will crack a worker. If you want to retain their loyalty and energy, you need to make clear that you’re not intending to be unreasonable, and that you’re asking for support. Being a tyrant won’t get you anywhere, but being a team player with your team will.

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Being Smart About Buying New Headphones

Choose The Right One For You

Choose The Right One For You

The way you listen to your music is often as important as the device you’ve selected to listen to your music with. A comfortable pair of headphones that faithfully recreates the sound of your favorite song or album can make all the difference between enjoying your time listening and feeling uncomfortable or annoyed during the entire experience. How should you know what kind to get, though? Headphones can seem like a pretty simple purchase to make until you go through a few inexpensive pairs that break or short out on you within just a couple of weeks. If you’re frustrated with being unable to find headphones that fit your needs or you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, consider the following advice before you head out for your next shopping trip.

Don’t Just Buy a Big Brand Name

Check Online Reviews For Models You’re Interested In

Check Online Reviews For Models You’re Interested In

The biggest brand names and the most expensive headphones don’t always translate to the best listening experience. Just because a brand is very popular and widely used does not necessarily mean that the quality of their sound reproduction is good. For example, both Bose and Beats by Dre are very popular brands for headphones, but if you do a little bit of research online you’ll quickly find that there are a number of complaints about their sound quality. Research the different companies that are making headphones, and don’t be afraid to buy a brand you’ve never heard of before. Check online reviews for models you’re interested in as well. You never know when you’ll find a hidden gem in the form of a pair of headphones you can use for years with no problems.

Know the Situations Where You’ll Be Using Your Headphones

Look For Quality

Look For Quality

Do you travel on airplanes a lot, or are you going to be using your headphones on the subway? Is this for downtime while you’re at work, or just for using while you clean up around the house? The situations in which you plan to use your headphones will determine a lot about them. You might want to purchase a pair of high-end noise-cancelling headphones if you’re going to be flying a lot, for example, but those same headphones might be too flashy to take out on the subway or in other public spaces. You might have had problems with headphones breaking the past, so you should consider looking into a pair of earbuds instead of rigid headphones. You could even find a collapsible pair if you want something you can use while you’re out running. Sit down and consider all the situations you’ll be mostly to pull out your headphones during, and plan to buy accordingly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Some On

Comfort Is Important As Sound Quality

Comfort Is Important As Sound Quality

The most important aspect of your headphones besides sound quality is comfort. No one wants to buy a pair of headphones that sits strangely on their head or doesn’t fit over their ears in the right manner. Don’t be too timid to go to an electronics store and try on the headphones that they have on display. If you’ve researched a particular brand or model online and you’re interested in making a purchase, see if you can find somewhere you can take the headphones for a test run. It’s important to get a feel for what you like in the design of a headset, because it’s likely that it’s going to be sitting on or over your ears for several hours. Don’t buy a pair that causes you even mild discomfort, or else you’ll end up regretting it a few weeks or months down the line when you find that your ears ache after only a few hours of use. Find the pair you’re most comfortable with, and stick with it.

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